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Last updated 16 October 2023

I donate the vast majority of my excess books to Indy Reads, but I do offer specialized stuff (and CDs, which Indy Reads doesn't accept) here.

I hope the result is a win-win: You get what you want for less than you'd pay on (for example) Amazon Marketplace, while I net more because I'm not paying ridiculous listing fees.

My unsolicited advice is to avoid accumulating stuff, but if you see something irresistible, you can use the Comment Form to get in touch.

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Compact Discs

Beethoven: The Late Piano Sonatas Opus 90, 101, 106, 109, 110, & 111

Economics Books

Gordon: Institutional Economics 1980. 354pp. $18

Entomology Books

The Lepidoptera of New York and Neighboring States

There are two volumes that between them contain four parts, published by the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station. I'm offering them as a pair only; the price includes shipping via media mail. They appear to have been bound sometime after they were published, but appear to bear only personal names and a few stray marks. So they don't appear to be from an institutional library. Here's a summary description:

The first volume contains one part:

"Part 1", dated June 1923 and listed as "Memoir 68", covers "Primitive Forms, Microlepidoptera, Pyraloids, and Bombyces"

The second volume contains three parts:

"Part 2", dated June 1948, covers "Geometridae, Sphingidae, Notodontidae, and Lymantriidae"

"Part 3", dated July 1954, covers "Noctuidae"

"Part 4", dated September 1960, covers "Agaristidae through Nymphalidae, including Butterflies"

Lepidoptera of New York and Neighboring States
Lepidoptera of New York and Neighboring States
William T. M. Forbes
$50 for both

The Moths of America North of Mexico

Prices in this series include U.S. shipping via USPS Media Mail. Unless otherwise noted, volumes are in good or better condition. However, most of them are stamped "Dale H. Habeck" on the upper and lower edges.

I remember visiting, as a child, "The Wedge" property in South Carolina, which served as the epicenter of this remarkable project - especially the fully lit building with wide open windows that served as a giant moth trap. Simply amazing.

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Fascicle 5.1
Sesioidea Sesiidae
Eichlin and Duckworth

Fascicle 6.1
Gelechioidea Cosmopterigidae
Ronald W Hodges

Fascicle 7.1
Gelechioidea Gelechiidae (Part)
Ronald W Hodges

Fascicle 13.2A
Pyraloidea Pyralidae (Part)
Eugene Munroe

Fascicle 13.2B
Pyraloidea Pyralidae (Part)
Eugene Munroe

Fascicle 15.2
Pyraloidea Pyralidae (Part)
H H Neunzig

Fascicle 15.3
Pyraloidea Pyralidae (Part)
H H Neunzig

Fascicle 15.4
Pyraloidea Pyralidae (Part)
H H Neunzig

Check List of the Lepidoptera of America North of Mexico
Ronald W Hodges et al Editors
This volume is intact but shows heavy use.

Price: A Comprehensive Survey of the Sap and Short-winged Flower Beetles of Wisconsin (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae, Kateretidae) on Compact Disc. 2003 Master's Thesis, U Wisconsin, Madison. $3 (shipping, basically)

Nature Books

Mitchell: The Reptiles of Virginia 1994. 352pp paperback. $8

Other Books

Hamel: Atlas of Insects on Stamps of the World 1991. 738 pp. $30

Osterman: Shortwave Receivers Past & Present 1998. 473pp. $25

Simonds: Garden Cities 21


The Swallowtail - The Journal of the Butterfly and Moth Stamp Society

I have the following issues, listed below by "whole number", then volume number, then the issue number within that volume. The final issue is listed as whole number 31, and I have 31 numbers, but it's confusing because I don't have an issue labeled as whole number 18, while I have two very different numbers both dated September 1995. So I don't know whether this is a complete set. Some issues are comb-bound, others are three-hole punched. There's an image for the January 1990 issue, linked below. $50 for all of them.

1. Vol 1/1: January 1986
2. Vol 1/2: May 1986
3. Vol 1/3: September 1986
4. Vol 1/4: January 1987
5. Vol 1/5: May 1987
6. Vol 1/6: September 1987
7. Vol 2/1: January 1988
8. Vol 2/2: May 1988
9. Vol 2/3: September 1988
10. Vol 2/4: January 1989
11. Vol 2/5: May 1989
12. Vol 2/6: September 1989
13. Vol 3/1: January 1990
14. Vol 3/2: May 1990
15. Vol 3/3: September 1990
16. Vol 3/4: January 1991
17. Vol 3/5: May 1991
19. Vol 4/1: January 1992
20. Vol 4/2: May 1992
21. Vol 4/3: September 1992
22. Vol 4/4: January 1993
23. Vol 4/5: May 1993
24. Vol 4/6: September 1993
25. Vol 5/1: January 1994
26. Vol 5/2: May 1994
27. Vol 5/3: September 1994
28. Vol 5/4: January 1995
29. Vol 5/5: May 1995
30. Vol 5/6: September 1995
??. Vol ?/?: September 1995
31. Vol 6/1: January 1996

Thank you for visiting I hope you found it useful. - Mike Habeck