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11 January 2020


Grid Scale Batteries

Giant batteries are smoothing the flow of energy from renewable power supplies.

27 December 2020


Barry Lopez Dies

Writer whose work included the books Arctic Dreams and Of Wolves and Men.

18 December 2020


Land Institute Awarded Food Planet Prize

The Land Institute, a pioneer in research on perennial polycultures, wins one of four 2020 Food Planet Prizes.

17 December 2020


Another Wildlife Bridge

EcoWatch has a nice report on a new wildlife bridge in San Antonio, Texas.

4 December 2020


Coho Killer Identified

Researchers link a chemical, related to a tire additive that washes off roads into waterways, to salmon deaths along the west coast.

3 December 2020


Air Monitoring Falls Short

Reuters reports that many air monitors only operate part time, and often miss significant releases.

2 December 2020


Are There Any Ashes Out There?

University of Kentucky researchers are looking for ash trees that have survived the beetle onslaught.

27 November 2020


California Bans 24 Toxic Substances from Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

With all the other election stuff going on, I completely missed this news which, due to the size of the California market, may have national implications.

23 November 2020


Utah Wildlife Overpass

Video of various animals using a new wildlife overpass that spans I-80 in Utah.

20 November 2020


Tree Equity Score

"A map of tree cover in any city in the United States is too often a map of race and income."

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