In the years since the Industrial Revolution, we humans have been partying pretty hard. We've ransacked most of the earth for resources. A small part of the world's population ended up with some nice goodies, but now we're eating the seed corn.
~David Brower ~


Congress designated Dry Tortugas National Park on October 26, 1992. The park consists of a small archipelago of low islands about seventy miles west of Key West, Florida. You can fly there by float plane, but most folks arrive via boats that depart daily (weather permitting) from Key West. The most obvious feature is the massive and somewhat surreal Fort Jefferson.

One side of Fort Jefferson
Photo: Mike Habeck.

It's a welcome resting spot for birds that frequent the nearby Gulf Stream, and you're likely to see Magnificent Frigatebirds, Sooty Terns, and Brown Noddys. If you travel by boat, find a spot along the railing and watch the shallow water for sea grass and sea turtles. Flying fish and dolphins will probably add to the show.