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Interesting map showing hotspots of compact fluorescent and LED lightbulb sales.

A brief review of Stephen Hren's Tales from the Sustainable Underground.

Microscopic plastic beads from skin care products showing up in the Great Lakes and elsewhere.

The Wall Street Journal has a nice interactive feature called Waste Lands: America's forgotten nuclear legacy that includes maps and details on the history and current status of Manhattan Project sites.

From The Guardian, a very cool article on Steward Brand, founder of The Whole Earth Catalog (and much more).

I continue my effort to downsize; please help me Get Rid of Stuff!.


The mechanical mind cannot solve the problems of the mechanical age.
~Vandana Shiva ~


Eastern Shooting Star is a striking spring wildflower found in much of the central portion of the eastern United States. The plants range up to two feet tall and feature a cluster of large elliptical leaves at the base of the plant, and a single stalk topped by several nodding blossoms.

Eastern Shooting Star
Photo: Mike Habeck.

The white petals of each flower are pulled sharply back. More than a dozen related species occur in the United States, including the Western Shooting Star, which sports lavendar petals.