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Western Drought and Rising Mountains

Sea Creatures Washing Up On Northwestern Beaches

Exxon-Mobil CEO opposed fracking tower near his home

Firefly Watch, a project of The Museum of Science, Boston

Schools versus Environment in Oregon.

Microscopic plastic beads from skin care products showing up in the Great Lakes and elsewhere.

The Wall Street Journal has a nice interactive feature called Waste Lands: America's forgotten nuclear legacy that includes maps and details on the history and current status of Manhattan Project sites.

From The Guardian, a very cool article on Steward Brand, founder of The Whole Earth Catalog (and much more).

I continue my effort to downsize; please help me Get Rid of Stuff!.


Only economists
mistake physical opulence
for riches.
~Aldo Leopold ~


In the Fall of 1813, John James Audubon was near Louisville, Kentucky when a massive flock of Passenger Pigeons began flying overhead. It took three days for the flock to pass. Audubon later estimated the number of birds in that flock at about one billion.

Martha, the last Passenger Pigeon
Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Just over one hundred years later, on September 1, 1914, the last passenger pigeon, named Martha (pictured above) died, alone, at the Cincinnati Zoo.