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Bennington Municipal Sanitary Landfill

Location: Bennington, Bennington County

Narrative: A former sand and gravel pit converted to a landfill in 1969; comprises about 15 acres. Affected media included soil and water bodies. Remedies included capping and a leachate collection system.

Contaminants: Arsenic Benzene Heavy Metals Lead PCBs VOCs Xylenes

BFI Sanitary Landfill

Location: Rockingham, Windham County

Narrative: Originally a borrow pit for nearby Interstate 91, converted to a landfill in 1968. Affected media included soil, groundwater, and potentially surface water. Remedies included capping, leachate collection, and provision of drinking water to nearby groundwater users.

Contaminants: Chromium Copper Heavy Metals Lead VOCs

Burgess Brothers Landfill

Location: Woodford and Bennington, Bennington County

Narrative: The site operated as a sand pit, salvage yard, and landfill from the 1940s until the mid-1970s. Among other things it accepted wastes from a nearby battery manufacturing facility. Affected media included soils, groundwater, and surface water and sediments both on- and off-site. Remedies included capping, installation of an air sparging/soil vapor extraction system, and land use controls.

Contaminants: Iron Lead Tetrachloroethene Trichloroethene Vinyl Chloride VOCs

Commerce Street Plume

Location: Williston, Chittenden County

Narrative: An electroplating facility discharged wastes into an unlined lagoon and a leach field. Affected media included groundwater and possibly indoor air.

Contaminants: Cadmium Chromium Dichloroethene Nickel Tetrachloroethene Trichloroethene

Elizabeth Mine

Location: Strafford, Orange County

Narrative: A former copper mine. Leachate from mining wastes contains many metals (see below).

Contaminants: Arsenic Barium Cadmium Lead Manganese Mercury Nickel Thallium Vanadium Zinc

Ely Copper Mine

Location: Vershire, Orange County

Narrative: A former copper mine. Leachate from mining wastes contains many metals (see below).

Contaminants: Aluminum Cadmium Cobalt Copper Iron Manganese Zinc

Jard Company

Location: Bennington, Bennington County

Narrative: Site of former manufacturing facility that made capacitors, non-fluid transformers, and motors.

Contaminants: Aldrin Benzene Butylbenzylphthalate Cadmium Chlorobenzene Chromium Copper DEHP Dichlorobenzenes cis-1,2-Dichloroethene trans-1,2-Dichloroethene Dimethylphthalate Di-n-octyl phthalate Ethylbenzene Lead Mercury Nickel PCBs Toluene 1,1,1-Trichloroethane Trichloroethene Zinc

Old Springfield Landfill

Location: Springfield, Windsor County

Narrative: Landfill that accepted hazardous industrial waste, which subsequently leached into groundwater.

Contaminants: Benzene PAHs PCBs Vinyl Chloride VOCs

Parker Sanitary Landfill

Location: Lyndonville, Caledonia County

Narrative: Landfill that accepted liquid hazardous wastes and sludges that were poured directly onto the ground. Chemicals from those wastes then leached to groundwater and affected private wells in the area.

Contaminants: Trichloroethene VOCs

Pike Hill Copper Mine

Location: Corinth, Orange County

Narrative: Abandoned copper mine. Runoff from waste piles has contaminated surface water and sediments in nearby creeks.

Contaminants: Cobalt Copper Zinc

Pine Street Canal

Location: Burlington, Chittenden County

Narrative: A manufactured gas plant operated on pine street for about 60 years, ending in 1966. Wastes from the gas manufacturing process were discharged into a wetland.

Contaminants: Benzene Cyanide Heavy Metals Lead PAHs Toluene VOCs Xylenes

Pownal Tannery

Location: North Pownal, Bennington County

Contaminants: Dioxins Metals SVOCs

Deleted Sites

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Darling Hill Dump

Location: Lyndonville, Caledonia County

Narrative: A dump that accepted light industrial and municipal wastes. Affected media included groundwater. The remedy involved installation of a carbon filter on a nearby municipal well.

Contaminants: Toluene Trichloroethene

Deleted: 1999

Tansitor Electronics, Inc.

Location: Bennington, Bennington County. Deleted from the NPL in 1999.

Contaminants: Acetone Boron Silver Trichloroethane VOCs

Deleted: 1999

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