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Environmental Organizations

Although Eco-USA's environmental organizations directory includes links to the websites of thousands of groups around the country, it is far from complete. It's not always up-to-date, either. Websites come and go; sometime they get hacked or let their domains expire and next thing you know the link points to something inappropriate. And of course new organizations form, older ones disband or merge. As always, I appreciate your help. If you know of a necessary change, or want to suggest a listing, please let me know.

Now and then someone writes and wants to know what the criteria are for inclusion in these lists. I don't have any written criteria, and I don't plan to develop any. If an organization seems to fit into the spirit of the lists, I include it.

I'm often asked about listing hunting and/or fishing groups. I don't have anything against them; in fact, they are often very important in conserving land that benefits many species, not just their target species. However, I don't include many listings for hunting and fishing clubs and will probably gradually winnow out those to which I still link. Trying to keep thousands of links current is already time-consuming enough, so I've concluded that I'll leave the job of maintaining a directory of hunting and fishing groups to someone else.

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