Informal Listing Criteria

There are no formal criteria for inclusion in the directory, but here are some informal guidelines:


Environmental mission
Open to individual (human) membership
Dedicated domain name
Up-to-date content


One-person "organizations" (like
Facebook pages
Outdated content
Sites on free hosts
Sites in subdirectories

Better off Elsewhere:

Government organizations
Hunting and fishing groups
Trade associations

Definite No:

I won't knowingly link to websites that seem to exist primarily for the purpose of steering business to asbestos or personal injury attorneys, specific products, product directories, those with a primary focus on eco-spirituality, or those whose relationship to the environment is tangential or secondary. Those things have their place, but it is not here. I do not accept advertising or payments for linking to a website, though there is a page devoted to potentially interesting stuff that I'm trying to find new homes for.

Don't Feel Bad

If I decide I don't want to list a site, it does not mean that I think the site or the mission it promotes is "bad", it just means that I've decided it doesn't fit into the spirit of this particular directory. It's not a personal attack. I love pizza but this directory is not the place for a link to my favorite pizza maker.

In General

I manually review all of the links to organizations at least once a year, generally in January and/or February. I update links, organizational names, or other details at that time and also when changes are brought to my attention. I usually pause addition of new organizations during the annual review period, mostly to avoid confusing myself. I do appreciate suggestions of new organizations but for these reasons and others it may take me some time to act. I've maintained this site for over twenty years and for reasons that aren't always clear to me or perhaps rational plan to continue doing so for as long as I can.

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