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Central Landfill

Location: Johnston, Providence County

Narrative: Landfill where at least 1.5 million gallons of liquid hazardous wastes were disposed of between 1976 and 1979. Groundwater beneath the site is contaminated.

Contaminants: Arsenic Benzene Beryllium Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate Cadmium Chlorobenzene 1,2-Dichlorobenzene Lead Manganese 2-Butanone Toluene Vanadium Vinyl Chloride

Centredale Manor Restoration Project

Location: North Providence, Providence County

Narrative: A former "incinerator-based drum reconditioning facility", now home to an apartment complex.

Contaminants: Dioxins Furans Metals PCBs Pesticides SVOCs VOCs

Davis Liquid Waste

Location: Smithfield, Providence County

Narrative: Site which saw disposal of various wastes into unlined pits and lagoons.

Contaminants: Arsenic Lead VOCs

Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center

Location: North Kingstown, Washington County

Narrative: Past operations resulted in at least 24 areas with potential hazardous chemical contamination.

Contaminants: Cadmium Chromium Lead Mercury PAHs PCBs Silver VOCs

Landfill and Resource Recovery, Inc.

Location: North Smithfield, Providence County

Narrative: Former sand and gravel pit later used for disposal of wastes, including hazardous wastes.

Contaminants: Arsenic Benzene Carbon Tetrachloride Chloroform Lead VOCs

Newport Naval Education/Training Center

Location: Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth, and Jamestown, Newport County

Narrative: Large facility that included a landfill, storage tanks, a shipyard, and a fire training area.

Contaminants: Heavy Metals Lead PCBs Petroleum hydrocarbons VOCs

Peterson/Puritan, Inc.

Location: Cumberland and Lincoln, Providence County

Contaminants: Acetone Benzene 1,2-Dichloroethene Heavy Metals PAHs PCBs Phthalates Trichloroethene

Picillo Farm

Location: Coventry, Kent County

Contaminants: SVOCs Toluene Xylenes

Rose Hill Regional Landfill

Location: South Kingstown, Washington County

Contaminants: Benzene Chloroethane 1,1-Dichloroethane Heavy Metals Vinyl Chloride VOCs Xylenes

Stamina Mills, Inc.

Location: North Smithfield, Providence County

Contaminants: Arsenic Cadmium Dieldrin Lead PAHs Trichloroethene

West Kingston Town Dump/University of Rhode Island Disposal Area

Location: South Kingstown, Washington County

Contaminants: Tetrachloroethene Trichloroethene VOCs

Western Sand & Gravel

Location: Burrilville, Providence County

Contaminants: Benzene Chlorobenzene Dichloroethane Toluene Trichloroethane Trichloroethene VOCs

Deleted Sites

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Davis (GSR) Landfill

Location: Glocester and Smithfield, Providence County

Narrative: Former landfill, closed following a ruling by the State Supreme Court. The previous operators did not properly close the landfill.

Contaminants: Arsenic Benzene Chlordane DDT Lead Manganese PAHs Vinyl Chloride

Deleted: 1999

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