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Barkhamsted-New Hartford Landfill

Location: Barkhamsted, Litchfield County

Narrative: A 98 acre unlined landfill, now closed, that accepted municipal and industrial wastes.

Contaminants: Toluene Vinyl Chloride Xylenes

Beacon Heights Landfill

Location: Beacon Falls, New Haven County

Narrative: A 34 acre landfill that accepted municipal and industrial wastes from 1920 to 1979.

Contaminants: Lead Trichloroethene VOCs

Durham Meadows

Location: Durham, Middlesex County

Narrative: Groundwater from nearby wells contained chemicals used by several industrial operations in the vicinity.

Contaminants: Methylene Chloride VOCs

Gallup's Quarry

Location: Plainfield, Windham County

Narrative: Abandoned gravel pit used to dispose of drums and chemical wastes, resulting in soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water contamination.

Contaminants: PCBs SVOC VOCs

Kellogg-Deering Well Field

Location: Norwalk, Fairfield County

Narrative: Chemicals under a nearby complex of facilities led to contamination of a nearby municipal well field.

Contaminants: Tetrachloroethene Trichloroethene

Laurel Park, Inc.

Location: Naugatuck, New Haven County

Narrative: A landfill used for disposal of solvents, oils, sludges, and other wastes, leading to contamination of soil, surface water, and groundwater.

Contaminants: Acetone Benzene Dichloroethane Toluene

Linemaster Switch Corporation

Location: Woodstock, Windham County

Narrative: Disposal of solvents into a dry well led to contamination of groundwater.

Contaminants: Trichloroethene

New London Submarine Base

Location: Groton and Ledyard, New London County

Narrative: This large facility has been in operation since 1868. Since then, there have been many spills and instances of improper waste disposal that have led to soil, sediment, and groundwater contamination.

Contaminants: Cadmium Lead PAHs PCBs Pesticides VOCs

Precision Plating Corporation

Location: Vernon, Tolland County

Contaminants: Chromium

Raymark Industries, Inc.

Location: Stratford, Fairfield County

Contaminants: Asbestos Heavy Metals Lead PCBs SVOCs VOCs

Scovill Industrial Landfill

Location: Waterbury, New Haven County

Contaminants: PCBs

Solvents Recovery Service of New England

Location: Southington, Hartford County

Contaminants: Acetone Cadmium Isopropanol Lead PCBs Toluene VOCs

Yaworski Waste Lagoon

Location: Canterbury Township, Windham County

Contaminants: Heavy Metals VOCs

Deleted Sites

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Cheshire Groundwater Contamination

Location: Cheshire, New Haven County

Narrative: Groundwater from nearby wells contained chemicals used by several industrial operations at the site. Remedies included removal of contaminated soil and provision of alternate water supplies to affected residences.

Contaminants: Dichloroethene Tetrachloroethene Trichloroethane Xylenes

Deleted: 1997

Nutmeg Valley Road

Location: Wolcott, New Haven County

Contaminants: Copper Cyanide Heavy Metals Lead VOCs

Deleted: 2005

Old Southington Landfill

Location: Southington, Hartford County

Contaminants: VOCs

Deleted: 2018

Revere Textile Prints Corporation

Location: Sterling, Windham County

Contaminants: Antimony Barium Ethylbenzene Methanol Toluene Trichloroethene Xylenes

Deleted: 1994

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